March Madness: The Tournament to Be Crowned “Queen of the Pop-Culture Universe”

Win a “Quarantine Survival Kit” with graphic novels from Dr. Comics and Oni Press

Since everyone is stuck inside for the foreseeable future, and all sports are cancelled, Heroic Girls thought it might be fun to make our own version of the March Madness tournament featuring a “Sweet 16” or our favorite female action heroes.

We’re putting female heroes in head-to-head competition every day and allowing the public to vote for their favorites. The hero with the most votes moves on to the next bracket, until — in the end — there can be only one: the Queen of Kick-Butt Women.

How Do I Play?

  1. Download and fill-out your bracket, making your predictions about who will win each match-up — including the championship.
    Note: You are voting for who you like the most, or find most inspiring — not “who would win in a fight.” “Who would win in a fight?” is boring and would exclude a ton of ladies that I like quite a bit.
  2. Head to the Google Form, and fill out your ballot by midnight on March 30th.
  3. The first match-ups will be posted that same day. Vote on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Check back to see who won the online polls each day and who the newest match-ups are.
  5. The winner will receive a prize pack of graphic novels from Oni Press and Dr. Comics (and maybe some other goodies from our “prize vault.)

We will select a winner by:

  1. First only looking at people who chose the right “champion.”
  2. Of the people who chose the right champion, we will look for the person who has the most individual match-ups correct.
  3. In the event of a tie, we will chose a winner at random.

The contest is only open to residents of the United States, because I can’t afford to ship internationally.

The Contestants

Superhero Division

Captain Marvel
Wonder Woman

Vampiric Division

Buffy Summers
Selene (Underworld)

Federal Division

Clarice Starling
Dana Scully

Dystopia Division

Imperator Furiosa
Katniss Everdeen

’80s Sci-Fi Division

Ellen Ripley
Sarah Connor

Exploitation Division

Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)
Foxy Brown

Junior Division

Hit Girl

Jedi Division

Leia Organa

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why didn’t you include [name of bad-ass woman]? She’s the best and your list is a sham if you don’t include her.

A. We probably thought of her. There were only 16 slots available. We wanted a variety of heroic types, and we were pairing them up so the initial match-ups made sense thematically. Lots of people we wanted to include got left out.

Q. But still you didn’t include …

A. Asked and answered. Moving on.

Q. Isn’t this just a popularity contest?

A. Yes.Yes, it is.

Q. But aren’t you pitting women against each other?

A. Nope. This is just for fun. It’s a bit of silly fluff. We like all the women on this list for different reasons. I highly suspect that my personal favorite will not be crowned champion — and that’s OK.

It’s something fun to pass the time while in quarantine, not The Hunger Games.