Cosplay We Love: Imperator Furiosa by Allison Pope

As a method of coping with our coronavirus-imposed quarantine, we made a little meme asking when we would be allowed to start dressing like Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road.

But in the replies to that meme, we spotted one woman who was far ahead of the game, cosplayer Allison Pope, who had already created one of the best Furiosa costumes we’ve ever seen. After a quick message or two, she agreed to share her work and answer a few questions.

Allison Pope as Imperator Furiosa
Allison Pope as Imperator Furiosa

How did you get started cosplaying?

I always loved costumes and dressing up as a kid, but outside Halloween I didn’t have much of an outlet for it. In my early 20s I happened to go to my first con and things just escalated from there

What drew you to Imperator Furiosa specifically?

I loved the character of Furiosa since I first watched Fury Road. Obviously she’s an absolute bad-ass, but she’s more nuanced than that. She is intelligent, plays the long game, and has moments of emotional vulnerability that you don’t always get to see in female action heroes. I also have always wanted to shave my head, and this seemed like a good excuse.

The costume is amazing. How long did it take to make it?

It probably took around a month working on an off: I have a full time day job, so it all had to be done in my (limited) free time.

Furiosa’s Arm

What was the hardest part of the costume to build?

Definitely her arm. I honestly had no idea what I was doing, but I found some pretty good reference photos and began gathering pieces from hardware stores, old electronics, and sports equipment.

Beyond the costume, it looks like you managed to find a post-apocalyptic landscape, as well. Where did you take your photos?

It was actually at a post-apocalyptic festival called Wasteland Weekend!

Imperator Furiosa (Kitty Edition)
Furiosa (Kitty Edition)

On a fun side note, I adopted a three-legged cat and named her Furiosa. Because I’m a dork, I made her a little prosthetic arm and had he be part of a “couple’s costume” with me one Halloween.

You can follow Allison on Instagram: @notalexander