Panels and Talks

Heroic Girls presents panels exploring gender and representation in pop culture at universities, art museums and comic-book conventions — including Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Past topics have explored why horror is the best genre for gender equality in Hollywood, how princesses can be empowering for young girls and the importance of having women tell women’s stories.

Past panelists have included:

  • Alaina Huffman (Supernatural)
  • Alex Essoe (Doctor Sleep)
  • Barbara Kessel (DC Comics, Marvel Comics)
  • Hanah Cook (Mickey Mouse Funhouse)
  • Dr. Janina Scarlett (Superhero Therapy)
  • Jocelyn Donahue (Doctor Sleep)
  • Meghan Fitzmartin (Robin, Justice Society: World War II)
  • Natasha Halevi (Give Me An A)
  • Ruth Connell (Supernatural)
  • Tamara Robertson (Mythbusters)
  • Trina Robbins (Wonder Woman)