Milo Manara Creates Gorgeous Art Honoring the Essential Women of the Pandemic

Yes, THAT Milo Manara.

art by Milo Manara

Italian comic artist Milo Manara is famous (or infamous) for drawing erotic comics such as Click, Butterscotch and Hidden Camera. Mainstream comic fans may know him for the highly sexualized variant cover for Spider-Woman he drew for Marvel Comics — a move that drew so much controversy that the rest of his planned variants for Marvel were cancelled.

Thanks to the coronavirus, Manara found himself trapped in his home in the hard-hit Veneto region of Northern Italy, unable to draw. “I was holding a pencil in my hand, but couldn’t get myself to draw. Dread was all around. I couldn’t find the right spirit to sketch anything that felt serene,” he recently told The Washington Post.

“So I tried to pay homage to these fighters instead,” Manara continued. “Heroes all: nurses, doctors .. but also supermarket cashiers. Then the will came back to me. I thought of those who were most threatened, but also most indispensable, like cleaning ladies.”

Manaro reflected on the difference between this work and the erotica he became famous for. “Of course these are all female characters, as my career has been chiefly dedicated to the celebration of women’s beauty,” he said. “In this case, though, I felt it was time to celebrate other virtues, like courage, selflessness and altruism. I somehow wanted to pay off my debt.”