‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Harley Quinn’ Are the Most Searched for Costumes of 2017

Google has released their list of most searched for Halloween costumes this year, and comic book hero “Wonder Woman” tops the list, followed by villain (or antihero) “Harley Quinn.”

“Princess,” which has ruled the list of most popular costumes for more than a decade, didn’t even crack the top 10 on Google’s list, landing at number 11.

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Harley Quinn
  3. Clown
  4. Unicorn
  5. Rabbit
  6. Witch
  7. Mouse
  8. Pirate
  9. Zombie
  10. Dinosaur
  11. Princess
  12. Moana
  13. Ninja
  14. Superhero
  15. Mermaid
  16. It
  17. Batman
  18. Monster
  19. Vampire
  20. Doll
Photo via halloweencostumes.com

Google also broke down the list state-by-state. Wonder Woman was the top choice in 24 states, while Harley was the top choice in five states and the District of Columbia.

Alaska: Ninja
Alabama: Wonder Woman
Arkansas: Clown
Arizona: Wonder Woman
California: Wonder Woman
Colorado: Wonder Woman
Connecticut: Wonder Woman
District of Columbia: Harley Quinn
Delaware: It
Florida: Wonder Woman
Georgia: Harley Quinn
Hawaii: Wonder Woman
Iowa: Wonder Woman
Idaho: Rabbit
Illinois: Wonder Woman
Indiana: Dinosaur
Kansas: Wonder Woman
Kentucky: Clown
Louisiana: Wonder Woman
Massachusetts: Wonder Woman
Maryland: Wonder Woman
Maine: Superhero
Michigan: Wonder Woman
Minnesota: Zombie
Missouri: Clown
Mississippi: Mouse
Montana: Dinosaur
North Carolina: Wonder Woman
North Dakota: Unicorn
Nebraska: Wonder Woman
New Hampshire: Rabbit
New Jersey: Wonder Woman
New Mexico: Harley Quinn
Nevada: Wonder Woman
New York: Wonder Woman
Ohio: Harley Quinn
Oklahoma: Wonder Woman
Oregon: Unicorn
Pennsylvania: Harley Quinn
Rhode Island: Witch
South Carolina: Harley Quinn
South Dakota: Witch
Tennessee: Wonder Woman
Texas: Wonder Woman
Utah: Witch
Virginia: Wonder Woman
Vermont: Catwoman
Washington: Wonder Woman
Wisconsin: Zombie
West Virginia: Clown
Wyoming: Joker

Story via Vogue.

Harley Quinn - photo by Anya Marcotte

SDCC 2017 Cosplay Gallery

We had a special photographer this year at San Diego Comic Con.

Anya – photo by Steve Blanchard

Anya took over photography duties for the first time and put together this gallery of her cosplay photos.

But since there were two days that Anya cosplayed, her uncle Steve took some photos as well.

Wonder Woman's Shield

Weaponsmiths Forge Wonder Woman’s Shield

The forgemasters at Man At Arms tackled Wonder Woman’s shield this week, likely to tie in with the new movie. They chose to recreate the shield from Batman vs. Superman, instead of the shield featured in her solo movie. That may be because the new shield is incredibly ornate and not strictly a product of the forge.

Still, it’s an amazing piece of work. They end up with a shield that is quite a bit more than a prop. It looks like it could easily survive a medieval battlefield. I guess what I am saying is…

I want one.

Cosplayers - photo by Gage Skidmore

Seven Great Cosplays That Aren’t Harley Quinn

I don’t know when it was exactly, but suddenly cons got hot. From DragonCon to PotterCon, I wasn’t the only one I knew who was obsessed with the opportunity to meet my favorite comic book writers, shake hands with my favorite Stargate Atlantis actors and get to sit in on a panel for an upcoming movie I’d been dying to see.

Now with Halloween behind me, I’ve got an opportunity to plan my best cosplays and join my daughter in doing so! Whether it’s a superhero or an anime character, these are my top picks for 2017.

Harry Potter Patronus

With “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” premiering in November, it’s a hot time to get back into the magical world of Harry Potter, and this is one costume that isn’t just your average robe. Dress as Harry’s stag or Hermione’s otter; it’s a cool way to utilize the universe in a new costume twist.

Star Wars

Is there anything hotter than Star Wars right now? You can go new generation with Finn or Rey (or Kylo, it’s always great to be the bad guy), but it’s never old to go as Han or Leia (or a well-timed Chewie). Dress up and speed off to Tatooine or guide yourself on a journey to find Rey’s parents. It’ll be a hit either way.

Sailor Moon


Serena Tsukino is always a popular pic. How much better can you get than Sailor Moon? It’s one of those great group costumes as well, so a whole friend group can don the blue skirt, white shirt, and red neck scarf to go full Sailor Soldier on everyone. Round up your Sailors Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Rini and Tuxedo Mask to complete the crew! Need a refresher on the squad style? Hulu is now streaming videos of Sailor Moon dubs, including the original 90’s English version.

The Legend of Korra

While many girls may not want to dress up as Aang (though many have!), they can always dress up as Korra and her motley crew for a girl-centric take on The Last Airbender. Korra’s not only more recent, but she’s also super relevant right now, as girls (myself included) like to trade the princess costume for something a little more action-oriented. Just make sure you take along Naga to complete the look!

Wonder Woman

With Gal Gadot’s debut as Wonder Woman premiering in 2017, it’s time to get your Lasso of Truth and star-spangled hot pants, because Wonder Woman is the all-girl, all-star, power player to be. She was also very popular at Comic-Con this year–but that’s to be expected, she’s always been a great tough-girl superhero to look up to!



With Pokémon sweeping back into everyone’s life with Pokémon Go, it’s a no-brainer that a well-timed Pikachu is totally warranted. Plus, what’s cuter than going all yellow and getting a lightning rod tail? The costume ideas on Pinterest are limitless, and you can even get a friend to be Squirtle!

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Kiki


Miyazaki is always a favorite of the cosplay community because of his bevy of internationally loved characters, and Kiki the Witch is always a great costume. Grab a broom, a plum dress and a red bow, and you’re all set!

From little witches to full on power-up Pikachus, it’s never been a better year for great costumes for all ages. Just grab your creativity and let your love for anime, superheroes, wizards and space heroes take center stage!

About the Author: Cassie Phillips is a lover of Comic-Con and always has a hard time just picking one costume to choose from. She’s dressed up as a Quidditch player this year. She hopes you enjoy this list!

‘Superhero’ Dethrones ‘Princess’ As Favorite Kids’ Costume

Kids are trading tiaras for capes in the latest national survey.

Every year, the National Retail Federation conducts a survey to determine the most popular Halloween costumes. After an eleven-year reign, ‘princess’ has been dethroned — by superheroes.

According to the survey “More than three million children will dress as their favorite action or superhero, 2.9 million will dress as their favorite princess and 2.5 million plan to dress as a cat, dog, bunny or other animal.”

no-princesses“Princesses don’t do a whole lot, their stories can only be reworked in so many ways. Girls have always loved adventure and being the heroine,” according to Melissa Atkins Wardy, author of Redefining Girly. “Girls have not changed. Instead marketers have gained a better understanding of who girls are and are no longer feeding them a gendered narrative.”

Wardy isn’t the only person who has noticed marketers are feeding girls a ‘gendered narrative.’ “I resent that the Disney Corporation has had such a far-reaching and lasting impact on children all over the world, redefining ‘girl’ as ‘princess,’ ” says Lori day, author of Her Next Chapter. “Girlhood has been branded. Perhaps finally the pendulum is swinging back.”

“It’s great to see this kind of change happening, but it didn’t happen overnight,” said Michele Sinisgalli-Yulo creator of the Princess Free Zone blog and brand. “Many voices have contributed to changing how companies exploit gender when marketing to children, but we still have a lot of work to do.”

As Wardy puts it, “There are many ways to be a girl. We’ve done princess to death, now girls want to show us other facets of their personalities.”

Especially if that facet wears a cape.

Most Popular Children’s Costumes

  1. Action/Superhero
  2. Princess
  3. Animal (Cat, Dog, Lion, Monkey, etc.)
  4. Batman Character
  5. Star Wars Character
  6. Tie: Witch AND DC Superhero (excl. Batman)
  7. Frozen Character (Anna, Elsa, Olaf)
  8. Marvel Superhero (excl. Spiderman)
  9. Zombie
  10. Spiderman

Cosplay We Love: X-23 by ESJ Cosplay

The first time we met the family behind ESJ Cosplay, they were at WonderCon showing off a wonderful Laura Kinney a.k.a. “X-23” a.k.a. “Wolverine” cosplay that grabbed our attention immediately.  Two years later, we were teaming up with them (and other families) to create our DC Super Hero Girls group at WonderCon 2016.

But we loved that original costume so much that we asked for permission to share it on Heroic Girls. Here is the baddest little mutant you will ever see: ESJ Cosplay as “X-23.”