Anya and Stella Get Illustrated

Anya and Stella Sketch header
Anya and Stella by A.J. from Juice-On Illustratios
Anya and Stella by A.J. from Juice-On Illustrations

One of the perks of having truly awesome kids is that sometimes complete strangers do cool things for them out of the blue. A.J., an illustrator, character and t-shirt designer from Juice-On Illustrations, saw photos of my girls, Anya and Stella, and decided to sketch them as their cosplay alter-egos, Big Barda and Black Canary.

T-shirt design by Juice-On Illustration
T-shirt design by Juice-On Illustration

A.J. is a prolific t-shirt designer, whose pop-culture inspired work is often featured on sites like Teefury, etc. Follow him on Facebook for info on when and where to buy his shirts.

This is not the first time this has happened. Tom Bancroft, a Disney animator who worked on Pocahontas and Mulan sketched the girls in their Power Girl and the Huntress costumes a few years ago, and illustrator Alex Law drew them all grown up for her blog Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You.