NFL Player Warms Up While Dressed As Supergirl

Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Drew Stanton

Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Drew Stanton lost a bet. We actually call it “winning.”

Before playing the Rams on Sunday, Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Drew Stanton unveiled a bold new pregame look when he took the field resplendent in a form-fitting Supergirl costume — complete with a mid-thigh miniskirt and a scoop-neck top that would display a generous amount of cleavage (if he had any cleavage to display.)

While we would love to report that Stanton wore the outfit simply because of his deep admiration and respect for Kara Zor-El, the truth is that wearing the costume was the penalty he had to pay due to losing the team’s “quarterback challenge” during practice that week, and so had to wear a costume of his teammates’ choosing.

While we are sure the idea was that Stanton would be embarrassed, we think this is an excellent opportunity to point out that Supergirl is a bona fide bad-ass who has one toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and Darkseid — among others.

At any rate, we appreciate Stanton being a good sport about this, and we look forward to the day when emulating a female hero is seen as empowering instead of emasculating.