Ms. Marvel Costume for Kids Lands at the Disney Store

Ms. Marvel Costume
Ms. Marvel Costume – via

The incredibly detailed costume is perfect for dress up, Halloween or to show off on the con floor.

We have long bemoaned the lack of options in costumes for girls. If fact, one of the reasons Heroic Girls was started in he first place was because we couldn’t find a decent superhero costume for my daughters.

Ms. Marvel Costume – via

So imagine how happy we were when a friend sent us a link to a new costume that had popped up on the Disney Store site: Ms. Marvel.

Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel is one of the best superheroes on the shelf. She neatly fills the void for “teen hero” that was left when Marvel Comics finally allowed Peter Parker to grow up. Kamala battles supervillains, but she also takes on the stress of school and family life. Add to it that she is the daughter of immigrants coming from a minority culture (Kamala’s parents are Muslims who immigrated from Pakistan) and Kamala has replaced the X-Men as the relatable hero for every kid who sometimes feels like they don’t belong.

The costume is amazingly detailed consisting of a tunic, pants, scarf, bracer and mask. Cosplayers who make their own costumes are going to have to step up their game to outdo what you can now find on the shelf at Disney Stores across the country.

What about grown ups?

Ms. Marvel T-shirt – via

We are so glad you asked! Poking around the Disney Store site. we found this awesome Ms. Marvel t-shirt (with Art Adams art) that is available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, and a coffee mug featuring the cover from Ms. Marvel #4. (We also found a mousepad, but who uses mousepads anymore?)