Cosplay We Love: Hijabi Hooligan as Captain America

Hijab Hooligan as Captain America
Hijab Hooligan as Captain America

Muslim girl living in the UK captures everything great about the Sentinel of Liberty.

Hijabi Hooligan by Lucas Elliott
Hijabi Hooligan by Lucas Elliott

Let us set aside issues of nationality, gender and ethnicity for just a moment, and simply talk about what an amazing cosplay Hijabi Hooligan has created.

From the custom striped corset to the hand-riveted star on her chest to the artfully distressed hijab — it is incredibly difficult to figure out which aspect of the costume is best. I couldn’t possibly love this woman more.

The one area that might need a little help is the shield — which appears to be made from cardboard. As her cosplay went viral, fans suggested starting a GoFundme page to buy Hijabi Hooligan a proper metal shield to replace her current handmade model.

But the Hooligan has rejected that offer, requesting instead that fans donate to a GoFundme page to help Syrian refugees who are desperate need of aid as their country continues to engage in a bloody civil war.

OK, I lied. I love her more now.

You can follow Hijab Hooligan on her Facebook page.