“Raising Heroic Girls” – The Comic-Con Panel

Heroic Girls had the honor of presenting their very first panel at San Diego Comic-Con last week, Raising Heroic Girls. Heroic Girls founder John Marcotte moderated the panel which consisted of a variety of experts from the comics and geek community including: Alaina Huffman (Supernatural, Smallville, Stargate SGU), Anya Marcotte (Heroic Girls), Audrey Kearns (Geek Girl Authority), Cassandra Pelham (Scholastic Books, Comix), Janina Scarlet (Superhero Therapy), Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia), We were also joined by Janina’s son Hunter, who wanted to show his support for girls, from a boys’ point of view.

We have some photos from the event, followed by a video at the end.

John and Anya begin the eight-hour drive to San Diego – photo by Anya Marcotte
“We found it!” – photo by Steve Blanchard
John Marcotte, Anya Marcotte, Jenna Busch, Cassandra Pelham, Alaina Huffman, Audrey Kearns, Janina Scarlet, and Hunter – photo by Steve Blanchard
John Marcotte looks on while Anya displays Heroic Girls bookmarks – photo by Steve Blanchard

Supernatural fan Monica D. Photography also attended the panel and got a few nice shots.

Cassandra Pelham, Jenna Busch, John Marcotte Anya Marcotte, Audrey Kearns, Alaina Huffman, Janina Scarlet and Hunter – photo by Steve Blanchard
Post panel celebration: Hunter, Janina Scarlet, Alaina Huffman, Jenna Busch and Anya Marcotte – photo by Steve Blanchard

We did take video … but since we could not plug into the soundboard, the audio turned out horribly. We are attempting to clean it up, but it may be a “fatal error.” At any rate, How to Be A Dad superstar Charlie Capen streamed a good chunk of the panel via Periscope, and you can watch that here.

Edit: Charlie’s Periscope video expired. We are working on reducing the echo in the video we have, and we will post it shortly. In the mean time, enjoy this animated GIF of Gal Gadot.

We will certainly be doing this again at SDCC or other cons around the country. Hopefully, we will see some of you there!