Sad Men Attack Marvel Editor for Drinking a Milkshake and Being a Woman

Comics community responds with amazing #MakeMineMilkshake hashtag.

Last Thursday, Marvel Editor Heather Antos (The Unbelievable Gwenpool) posted this photo of a bunch of her work friends at Marvel enjoying milkshakes together.

If you are thinking, “What a fun-looking group of women! I’d like to hang out with them,” congratulations. You not one of the pathetic members of the “He Man Women-Haters Club” that flooded her inbox and Twitter feed with misogynistic vitriol and hate overnight.

The poor broflakes were understandably upset that there are currently books on the shelves that are not specifically written to cater to their penises. Womenfolk had entered their “safe space” and were wantonly drinking dairy products and taking selfies like common harlots.

So the women in the photo were blamed for personally causing Marvel’s slumping sales and accused of being “fake geek girls.” To be fair, the men offered compelling evidence for their claims such as “they appear to have vaginas.” And “they were drinking milkshakes.”

Heather was understandably less than pleased.

Sadly, this behavior is anything but new. Dozens of women were driven off of Twitter by harassments, doxxing and death threats when the Internet’s septic system backed up and barfed out Gamergate. And comic writer Chelsea Cain was forced to abandon Twitter for awhile because the shallow end of the gene pool was very upset that a character they don’t care about wore a t-shirt they didn’t agree with in a comic book they didn’t read.

But the larger comics community rallied around Heather and the #MakeMineMilkshake hashtag was born. Thousands of fans and creators tweeted words of encouragement, selfies of themselves drinking milkshakes and sketches of heroes enjoying some lactose. A few of our favorites:

Heroic Girls also decided to get in on the action.

There’s literally thousands of these posts and the number keeps growing minute by minute.

In the end, Heather was back getting another milkshake, and this time, a more few friends decided to join her.

The jerks didn’t go away (they never do), but their steady drip of hate was diluted to near nothingness by the flood of good wishes and sentiment from every sane corner of the comics community.