Miss America Creators Launch New ‘All-America Comics’ Title at Image

All-America Comix promo

In 2011, Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta created Miss America Chavez, an intergalactic heroine that eventually found a home with The Young Avengers and then The Ultimates. Chavez was an immediate fan favorite and one of the few Latina superheroes in comics (albeit an intergalactic Latina.)

But despite her cult status and devoted fan following Miss America never recieved her own comic.

Now Casey and Dragotta are launching All-America Comix at Image, a solo title following the exploits of teenage superhero Miss America Vasquez. That’s right, Vasquez, as opposed to Miss America Chavez — a completely different character that Marvel still owns the rights to.

Marvel Comics Miss America Chavez
Marvel Comics Miss America Chavez

It appears that the creators are trying to recapture one of their favorite character concepts that has been languishing at Marvel. It will be interesting to see how Chavez and Vasquez differ, and whether Marvel is queuing up a ‘cease and desist’ letter.

Image describes the new title like this:

You wanted it! You got it! She is a hero for our time — and the time is NOW! A superpowered champion of the oppressed, AMERICA VASQUEZ is the one you’ve been waiting for! And this may be her greatest adventure of all. When she is confronted with the hidden secrets of the universe, you won’t believe the cosmic truth she uncovers! Issue #1 hits — and we do mean HITS — in 2017 from Image Comics!

It looks promising and cool. Let’s be honest, it looks like the old Marvel Miss America managed to hop over to Image. We’re looking forward to seeing how the new stacks up against the old. And any title led by a female POC is a step in the right direction at this point.