Middle-School Girls Create Shot-for-Shot Remake of the Ghostbusters Trailer

While you are waiting for that all-female version of Ghostbusters to arrive, we found just the thing to tide you over.

Massachusetts filmmakers Emily Silva, Isaac Dreeben, Lizzy Embick, Mia Ventola, Sidney St. Ives, Taryn Osborne made a shot-for-shot, gender-flipped remake of the original Ghostbusters trailer as part of the free after-school arts program Real to Reel.

“I can’t say that we were thinking so much about gender; it just happened organically that the girls wanted to be the Ghostbusters, and this kid Jack wanted to be Janine the receptionist,” program director Chris Gaines told Yahoo! Movies. “And why not, right? They never once were like, ‘Well, I think that character should be played by a boy.’ Which I think speaks a lot to this younger generation: they just don’t see things like that.”

You can watch a side-by-side comparison to the original here.