Hungarian artist’s gender-flipped Avengers look incredible

An 18-year-old Hungarian artist named Agnes gender-flipped the Avengers using A-List celebrities, some cosplay photos and PhotoShop, posted the results to her Tumblr blog, and the Internet went crazy.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, Agnes says that she was keen to give the women the same awesome costumes as the men, not just stick them in some patterned bikinis. “I just wanted to make them realistic and not half naked.”

It’s comforting to think that in some alternate world, people are bemoaning the fact that they can’t find Chris Pine action figures.





  1. Except those bodies are stolen…

    The Hawkeye one is literally taken from a friend of mine;

  2. Sorry, stolen without crediting.

    1. I had no idea. That was not how the work was portrayed to me by the artist. I have reached out to you via email. I’d like to discuss ways we could make amends.

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