Wonder Woman’s Chris Pine Talks about the Importance of Female Heroes

Chris Pine stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show and the conversation turned to the project he is currently working on: Wonder Woman. While Kimmel seemed completely bewildered by the idea that a man would take a supporting role in a female-lead film, Pine spoke eloquently about why female heroes are important and what he thinks they bring to the table.

“For all of these big tentpole, and they’re fun and they’re action-packed and the whole bit, and I’m being honest [but] what I think is really neat about it is that with all of the Thors and Captain Kirks, and I feel with men at the the helm, it’s always this kind of revenge cycle thing. It’s an eye for an eye, ‘We’re going to go get the bad guys,’ and the bad guys are defeated.

“What I think is really lovely having a woman at the helm of something like this is just by virtue of her being a woman, there’s a great deal more compassion [and] love at the center of the story, which for something as big as a film as this is going to be, and with the kind of eyes that will watch it, I think it’s wonderful. The little bit we can do to hopefully inch this universe towards something not as aggressive and as violent as this world can be.”

A minor side note is that even though he was obviously not supposed to reveal anything at all regarding the specifics of the film, Pine pretty much confirmed that there will be no invisible jet in the movie, since he had no idea what Kimmel was talking about when it was mentioned during the interview.

First Wonder Woman Footage Released

Last night the CW previewed it’s new TV show, Legends of Tomorrow, as well as Warner Bros. upcoming superhero movies — primarily Batman vs. Superman. But we were most excited about the very brief glimpse we were given of the still filming Wonder Woman, which is not set for release until the summer of 2017.

It looks like Warner Bros. has decided to do a classic origin story for the character, to explain to movie goers who she is and why she is important in the DC universe. This bucks the recent trend of eschewing origin stories in films like the upcoming Batman and Spider-Man films. But unlike those characters, Wonder Woman has not already had her story told multiple times on the big screen and introducing the character to the audience is probably necessary.

Wonder Woman is scheduled for release on June 23, 2017