How Captain Marvel Became My Son’s Favorite Superhero

Captain Marvel and Sam

Guest Column by Sam Cerdena.

Yesterday, Captain Marvel became one of my son’s favorite superheroes.

Grayson, my 4-year-old son, was looking forward to meeting Spider-Man at Disneyland, but fell asleep before we found out that Spider-Man wasn’t coming (because of the rain).

I knew his heart would break, so I came up with a plan — which was barely even a formed idea. I lined up to meet Captain Marvel with a sleeping 4 year old. And then the magic happened.

When he woke up, I played Grayson the video. He was amazed that she knew his name. He said we had to go back to say thank you. Now, I didn’t know if she’s still be there, or even if it’d be the same Captain Marvel.

After more than an hour, we found out she would be back. We got in line — before there was a line to get into — and waited…

…and waited.

She actually remembered Grayson’s name! I missed that part because I fumbled with my phone. This made my kid’s day. He said Captain Marvel was one of his favorites because “She’s strong, tall and tells me things. And she knows my name.”

I don’t know if this will ever reach her, but you have our thanks, Captain Marvel.

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