Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone, But Batgirl Is Black in the DCEU

After a brief quiet period following the announcement of Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been rapidly filling out its cast.

Rather than yet another origin story, The Batman will reportedly feature a Caped Crusader who has already been operating for years, with a fully developed Rogue’s Gallery.

The movie will reportedly feature six of Gotham’s most notorious criminals, with Paul Dano being announced as The Riddler and Zoe Kravitz sliding into the role of longtime “frenemy” Catwoman.

Jeffery Wright

But it is the recent casting of veteran character actor Jeffery Wright as Commissioner Gordon that really caught our eye.

You see, Jeffery Wright is black. That means Commissioner Gordon is black. And Commission Gordon’s daughter, Barbara? Is Batgirl.

The mantle of Batgirl has been held by others in the comics at times, but Barbara was the first, the most enduring and the most popular to wear the cowl.

While there are no signs so far that Batgirl will be in The Batman, all the pieces are in place for introduction. Pattinson’s Batman will be vastly outnumbered, and Batgirl could be just what the doctor ordered.