Captain Marvel Casts Shade at Movie Trolls in Latest Avengers

Captain Marvel roared into theaters last year with a box office haul totaling over $1 billion. Or as the misogynistic trolls who vainly tried to derail the movie called it “a horrible failure.”

From the moment the movie was announced, a select group of men — and let’s be honest, it was pretty much exclusively men — attacked the move as a product of “PC culture” and “Social Justice Warriors” gone amuck.

Much of the venom was directed at Brie Larson, who the bottom-feeders accused of “hating white men” due to a willful misinterpretation of her calls for greater diversity in film criticism a year earlier.

When the first trailer and poster hit, the dateless horde tried a new tactic: Captain Marvel would be prettier if she smiled. They even went so far as to plaster a photoshopped grin onto Larsen’s visage on the poster and loudly proclaimed it was an improvement.

Ironically, there was a scene in the movie that directly addressed this common sexist trope by having Captain Marvel deal with a sexist knob who used exactly that line on her. She extracted a super-powered apology before confiscating the jerk’s motorcycle and jacket.

Now Captain Marvel in the comics has also taken a jab at her movie critics. In Avengers #29, Carol is in a fight with Firelord, a mega powerful herald of Galactus, who appears to share the same attitude as Twitter user “@BrieLarsonHater69.”

It does not go well.

Avengers #29 is written by Jason Aarons with art by Mark Morales and Paco Medina.