Cosplay: Little Girl Ghostbusters Are Ready to Believe You

While on my way to a panel for Auburndale City Con, I spotted these adorable little girls cosplaying as the new female Ghostbusters. I gave the George Patterson, the father two in the group, a business card, and he graciously sent us some photos and a short movie the girls made. He also answered some questions about how the cosplay was developed.

Who came up with the idea?

I have to give Danielle my oldest daughter the credit for the Ghostbusters idea and the storyline for the video we produced.

Did the girls get to help make the costumes? Have they been cosplaying long?

The girls really enjoyed the assembly process of the proton packs. They got to use spray paint, duct tape, a drill and liquid nails.  As for how long the girls have been cosplaying, I would have to say their whole lives. From Batgirl to She-Ra, Princess Leia to Lara Croft — they have found many great characters to play.

Are the girls planning to see the new movie?

The girls are very excited about [the new movie]. They have seen the previous movies and they have also been practicing the Ghostbusters theme song on Lego Rock Band. Danielle scores 100 percent on the lyrics portion most of the time.

Any plans for future costumes?

The neighborhood girls have already been scheming together on next years costumes. Lilly my youngest, wants to to Ewoks and AT-ATs. Full size AT-ATs!

I said, “That is like 300 feet tall!”

Lilly said, “I know. Won’t it be awesome?”