Chloë Grace Moretz Is Wearing Captain Marvel’s Jacket on the Cover of Glamour and No One Knows Why

Glamour - June 2016
Glamour – June 2016

The June issue of Glamour just dropped and sharp-eyed fans instantly noticed that cover girl Chloë Grace Moretz was sporting a very familiar red, blue and gold flight jacket — Captain Marvel’s flight jacket to be precise. With a casting for the Captain Marvel movie expected to be announced in the next few months, fan interest is at a near fever pitch.

Captain Marvel, vol. 1
Captain Marvel, vol. 1

The jacket and the character are not mentioned in the interview, leaving fans unsure what to think. But theories started popping up on the Internet almost immediately, including:

  • Moretz has been cast as Carol Danvers in the upcoming movie.
  • Moretz really wants the role of Captain Marvel, and this is her attempt at a stealth marketing campaign.
  • Moretz is a huge comics fan and wore the jacket out of respect for the character; and
  • Moretz had no idea that was Captain Marvel’s jacket. She took it because the guy in wardrobe handed it to her.

There is absolutely no way of knowing what the truth is in this matter. Moretz isn’t talking. Glamour isn’t talking. And Marvel won’t announce who will play Captain Marvel until later this summer. But a complete absence on verifiable facts seldom slows the Internet down so get ready for weeks of completely unfounded speculation.