Captain Marvel Is Ready For Action



On the heels of the announcement of her movie, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) is finally getting her own action figure. Hasbro unveiled the 2015 figures, and the fine folks over at Marvel Toy News gave us the rundown.

Although it was announced at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, seeing it in the box, ready to be shipped and sold makes us so very happy. The figure is part of the Marvel Legends: Infinite Series, and will retail for about $20.

We are hoping that we will have better luck finding this one on the shelf than we did with Gamora, but just looking at it we can tell she will be worth the hunt.

The figure comes with an alternate head showcasing Carol in her Kree battle helmet with bad-ass fauxhawk, and purple energy flames to place around her fist of justice. Although Carol Danvers has had action figures before, they were always of Ms. Marvel. This is the debut figure of her as Captain Marvel.

The complete line-up of new figures includes:

  • Avengers Marvel Legends Thor
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Sentry
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Hawkeye
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Machine Man
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Iron Fist (White)
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure: Odin/King Thor

Check out photos of all the figures over at Marvel Toy News.




  1. I bought that figure, making it one of only two of these Legends figures I have (the other being Superior Spider-Man) I just adore this design. It’s instantly iconic. I leave my figure with the helmet on, though, because it seems pretty uncommon for female superheroes to have masks that cover that much and it’s just so painfully cool on her.

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