‘Captain Marvel’ Now Has a (Fake) Poster and a (Rumored) Trailer Is on the Way

Captain Marvel is coming.

The post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War cemented that. (In case you somehow forgot.) But we still haven’t seen a single frame of the movie or a single publicity still. But thanks to the incredible Photoshop skills of Instagram user @Ryan.Reviews, we have a pretty good idea of what actress Brie Larson will look like as Earth’s Mightiest Hero.


Ryan’s work is so good, Marvel should just pay him, slap a logo at the bottom and call the poster done.

But if you are waiting for something more official that fan-art, website MCU Cosmic, a teaser trailer for the first female-led Marvel movie is already in the can.

Over the last week I’ve heard from multiple people that there is a version of a Captain Marvel teaser trailer already cut and likely making its way through Disney’s marketing machine.

MCU Cosmic then builds a case that the teaser will be released at next week’s CineEurope, citing facts such as:

  • The first teaser for Black Panther was released about this time last year;
  • Marvel is not doing a “Hall H” presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, so premiering the trailer there is unlikely;
  • There is no D23 Expo this year, either — eliminating another venue to release the purported trailer.

I’d say take all of this with a grain of salt, but I think it would probably be better to buy one of those 20-pound bags of salt they use to de-ice highways.

The reasoning to suggest that the trailer will get released at CineEurope is pretty shaky, and frankly, the entire existence of a trailer at this point is more than a little tenuous. But when it comes to positive information about Captain Marvel, we suddenly turn into Fox Mulder.

“We want to believe.”