‘Captain Marvel’ Does Not Owe You a Smile — Get Over It

Captain Marvel

After the amazing first trailer for the movie dropped last week, some broflakes were triggered that Brie Larson portrayed the titular hero as a military veteran and genuine badass rather than as a Price Is Right model trying to show off a luxury dinette set.

They thought Captain Marvel would be so much prettier if she just smiled.

One Twitter user opined: “Is Brie Larson capable of any other facial expression other than this one? That face – talk about a piece of wood. #FirstImpressions #CaptainMarvel.”

So a few Comicsgate supporters decided to “fix it” in the creepiest way possible — they flooded Twitter with still shots from the trailer modified using FaceApp to plaster an artificial smile on Brie Larson’s face.

Let’s be clear:

Asking a woman to smile when she looks sad isn’t about making her feel better. It’s asking her to ignore her own feelings and pretend to be happy to make you feel better.

The creepiest villain that the MCU has produced so far is Killgrave, a mind-controller who forced Jessica Jones to smile even as she committed horrific acts under his control.  These guys appear to have gotten the impression he was the hero of the series.

Saner voices pointed out that the plot of Captain Marvel has the character as a haunted soldier fleeing an intergalactic war and fighting an alien invasion of Earth — not really a big chucklefest.

Larson herself jabbed back on Instagram by reposting a series of posters showing what the stoic male heroes of Marvel would look like if they were forced to smile.

As this weird angry mob of men who felt entitled to make a woman smile coalesced, other people jumped into the fray in Larson’s defense. This did not make the Comicsgate guys happy, of course, which is a real shame.

They’re a lot prettier then they smile.