“The Flash” Television Show Unveils Killer Frost

Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow
Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow

From the very first episode of The Flash, comic book affectionados have been waiting for Killer Frost to appear. S.T.A.R. Lab’s Caitlin Snow — introduced as a key member of Barry Allen’s support team — shares a name with the secret identity of one of DC Comic’s baddest villains, Killer Frost, a thermal vampire who sucks all the heat out of her victims, leaving them dead.

Caitlin hasn’t shown one ounce of villainy. In fact, thanks to Danielle Panabaker’s endearing performance, you are probably more likely to describe Caitlin as “adorable.” But midway through the season another subtle piece of Killer Frost foreshadowing was dropped, when it was revealed that Caitlin’s fiance was Ronnie Raymond a.k.a. Firestorm — Killer Frost’s arch enemy.

Finally, in the finale of the inaugural season, Killer Frost was revealed. Barry traveled back in time in an effort to save his mother. As he ruptured the space-time continuum, strange visions from past and future assaulted him from all sides, and sharp-eyed fans caught their first glimpse of Killer Frost.

Killer frost
Killer Frost as seen in the season one finale

Recently, while appearing as a guest on The Talk, Panabaker revealed a professional publicity still taken when she was dressed as the icy villain.

I’m such a girl, and I loved getting dressed up in that look. We started working on the look a couple of months before it actually shot. Our first suit was a one-piece, kind of like Catwoman, but it didn’t feel quite right. So we changed it to be a top and these really cool leather pants. And the hair was awesome; it started as this short, little pixie wig, and we just kept adding more and more hair, as you do. It’s great, I’m really excited.

Killer Frost revealed
Killer Frost revealed

But Panabaker may have accidentally revealed more than she meant to. When one of the hosts asked her if she liked  “being a bad girl,” the actress replied:

I can’t wait! I get so jealous. All the boys get to go out there and duke it out. I want to suit up with those boys, for sure!

Maybe we are reading too much into it, but the answer “I can’t wait!” implies that Killer Frost is definitely coming, and Panabaker is psyched to play her.

While I expect our Caitlin will remain a goody two-shoes, the evil speedster Zoom has been sending supervillains from the alternate dimension Earth 2 to our Earth through “breeches” in space and time, instructing them to kill the Flash or be stranded forever. So far Barry has faced foes Atom Smasher and Sand Demon.

We’ve also seen that these supervillains have normal human counterparts on our Earth. So the question we are left asking is:

“How long do we have to wait before Zoom sends Caitlin Snow, Earth 2’s Killer Frost, to kill Barry?”