Parents Give Kids 31 Days of Halloween — All of Them #MoreThanCute

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Leng and Melinda Lai are parents raising two little girls, Audrey and Chloe. Since 2010, instead of making one Halloween costume for each of the girls each year, the Lais make 31.

Melinda explains:

I started The 31 Days of Halloween because I thought it would be fun. We usually throw together the costumes and scenes from things we find around the house. Very rarely do we buy anything, and if we do it’s pieces that can be used for multiple ideas, like the knight helmet and armor. We have a costume box the girls play with a lot, and that’s where the firefighter and dragon and other costumes live year round.

Melinda is also quick to point out that the costumes often are more inspiration than persperation.

A few of the costumes are planned out, but often inspiration will strike and we’ll just grab stuff and take a picture. For Silence of the Lambs, Leng drew the moth and cut it out. Most of the costumes are only good for the photograph and aren’t something that the girls could actually play in, but we like to keep it less stressful.

And the Lais are well aware that many of the costumes involve cultural references that the girls don’t (and shouldn’t) understand.

Some of the pictures are not really kid-appropriate and that we anticipate some interesting conversations as the girls get older. We also hope that they will look back on the pictures with fun memories.

Here are the first 26 27 costumes of 2015. We will update this page as more are revealed.