#MoreThanCute Asks Girls and Parents to Dream Big for Halloween

art by Melissa Pagluica
art by Melissa Pagluica

Halloween is nearly upon us again. And for the parents of little girls, the holiday can pose a dilemma. When choosing a costume, boys are told they can be anything they want: brave, scary, smart, adventurous and more.

#MoreThanCute Doctor - art by Melissa Pagluica
#MoreThanCute Doctor

The costumes designed for girls, on the other hand, tell them that no matter what they aspire to be, the only thing that society truly values is that they look “cute.” If you are a girl, even superhero and zombie costumes come complete with a tutu and a magic fairy wand.

I believe a direct line can be drawn from the aisle that tells little girls to focus on appearance and being “cute” to the aisle that tells adult women that being “sexy” is all that society values.

That cycle needs to be broken. We think girls dream just as big as boys. We think their potential is  unlimited. We think that their costumes should be “more than cute.”

#MoreThanCute Superhero - art by Melissa Pagluica
#MoreThanCute Superhero

That’s why we are launching the hashtag campaign “#MoreThanCute”: to inspire girls and their parents to create costumes that tell girls that — even though they are adorable — that is not the only thing society values and it is not the only thing they should dream to be.

When your costumes are finished, post photos of them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag “#MoreThanCute.” We will collect them to demonstrate that we value girls because of their strength, their creativity, their intelligence and their ambition. Together we will show the world that while we we think our daughters are beautiful, that is not the most important metric by which we value them.

Together, we will help our girls show that they are “more than cute.”

#MoreThanCute Mechanic - art by Melissa Pagluica
#MoreThanCute Mechanic
#MoreThanCute Astronaut - art by Melissa Pagluica
#MoreThanCute Astronaut

For more information about  the #MoreThanCute campaign or Heroic Girls, email us at [email protected].

Melissa Pagluica is a comic book artist living in San Francisco who has worked with Boom! Studios, Jakk’s Pacific inc, Committed Comics and others.

Her creator owned comic Above the Clouds is quite beautiful and is available in select comic stores or online.




  1. Great idea. I have 3 girls and I’ll be talking to my wife about being #morethancute this year.

  2. This is amazing! Well done.

  3. Let me guess..no sons

    1. Let me guess…failed comedian.

  4. Let me guess… good dad who thinks about his children and what life is like / going to be like for them.

  5. Thanks so much for creating this site on this issue. I have been wondering why all the girls costumes are so lame. I have a son but have nieces who I would hate to see have to wear the choice of costumes out there. Terrible!! Where are these costumes coming from? Better to get creative on your own for halloween.

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