Open Your Wallet: Captain Marvel Merchandise Has Landed

Clothing, accessories, toys … even a bicycle? There is literally something for everyone.

Even as female heroes made strides on the big screen, they were often left behind when it came time to create merchandise for fans. The glaring lack of toys and clothing featuring female heroes spawned the embarrassing hashtag campaigns #WheresNatasha and #WheresGamora, and featured low-lights such as a Star Wars Monopoly Set that did not feature the hero of the new trilogy Rey.

But with every movie made, that situation appears to be getting a little better, and when you are promoting the first Marvel movie featuring a sole female protagonist, the choices are to make Captain Marvel merchandise or to not make and merchandise at all.

Fortunately for all of us, Marvel chose the former.

Marvel recently issued a press release detailing just some of the merchandise designed to tie-in to the upcoming movie. They have toys, clothing, jewelry and accessories for women, men and kids. There is literally something for everyone.

I know I’ll be picking up a few shirts, and probably a few of the action figures … um, for my kids. Let’s go with that.

Click through our gallery below to get a look at the upcoming goods, along with price and retailer (where available.)