Next, on Face-Off

I bought the girls a jumbo egg of “Silly Putty” today. I came out of the kitchen and found them playing Face-Off (per the SyFy special effects and makeup show) with an old dummy head we had sitting around from an aborted effort to make a Huntress mask. (We discovered that I suck at cosplay construction and instead bought a Batman mask which we modified.)

So Anya and Stella were making an “alien superhero” by building up the brow, cheekbones and creating a fully realized prosthetic nose.

The girls watched Face-Off a bit when Patti and I would watch, but they got really into it when Nicole Chilelli Mua competed last season.

She had brightly colored hair. She was a girl. She was from Sacramento like we are. And — eventually — she won. The girls were instantly fans of special effects work, and this is the second or third time I’ve caught them with clay and the back end of a brush making textures for a prosthetic. It’s just the first time I’ve remembered to take pictures.

Geek girls rule.