Cosplay: Big Barda and Black Canary

Anya wanted to be Big Barda this year for her cosplay/Halloween costume. We hemmed and hawed on it, because it is a really difficult costume — but eventually we gave in. Stella selected Barda’s Birds of Prey teammate Black Canary.

We learned so much while making the Big Barda costume. We made armor, a kick-butt helmet, bracers, a “Mega Rod.” Several friends asked us why we did not make YouTube videos documenting the process. That would have been a bit awkward as for a lot of it, we were watching other people’s YouTube videos to see how it was done.  Maybe next year we will feel confident enough to make our own.

As always, we want to thank the wonderful Adrienne Hebb, our extraordinary seamstress friend. This year she was instrumental in resizing an adult-scale bodysuit to fit a kid-sized Big Barda.




  1. Thanks for the shoutout. I’m honored to be mentioned.

    1. Credit where credit is due. Women You Should Know mentioned you again as well.

  2. Black Canary’s shorts are too short and tight. Not recommended for a little girl. AN adult woman can wear that, yes but not little girl, c’mon.

  3. Her shorts are longer than any standard issue leotard (which is what she has on underneath the shorts.) So, I’m assuming you don’t approve of ballet leotards that little girls wear or gymnasts leotards either. How is this any more inappropriate? She sees this as what Black Canary wears as part of her superhero outfit. If this were a post about a ballerina in a pink leotard with ballet slippers on, no one would think twice about it. Just think about that for a minute.

  4. Must say I love the way you´re doing your job as parents. I still have not kids, but my partner as me look you up. Great parenting and raising outta the box girls the way you do makes me shed a tear once in a while, longing for my own.

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