Heroic T-Shirts

The girls and I decided to do a craft project tonight as Patti was at Costco buying 55 gallon drums of Miracle Whip and other such bargains.

I picked up some iron-on transfers and plain white Ts, and together we looked for drawings that would make cool t-shirts online. This was an arduous process that could have taken, literally, forever, unless I put an end to it.

The girls finally went with Super Best Friends Forever, with Anya choosing Batgirl and Stella taking Supergirl. I went with the classic “Batman doing the Batusi” look — because it’s hilarious.

So for not too much money we got some one of a kind shirts that the kids love, and they think I am the coolest dad on the planet…

…which of course I am. 😉




  1. Now you’re supposed to tell everyone step-by-step instructions for making their own t-shirts, silly.

    1. That’s what the directions on the side of the iron-on transfers are for.

  2. Sometimes I see some the Tshirts with cool female characters on them in Kmart (for girls, or kids) and get jealous. I want cool female comic-character shirts for GUYS as well, where’s my Wonder Woman or Hitgirl or Batgirl shirt?

    1. They have them at cons, but in general, they seem to think that boys won’t buy shirts with female heroes on them and girls don’t want them.

      I think they are wrong on both counts.

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