Top Five Stories from New York Comic Con


New York Comic Con (NYCC) was this weekend, and as always there were lots of cool announcements. Here are our top five picks:

Wonder Woman '77
Wonder Woman ’77

Wonder Woman ’77

First, good news for Linda Carter fans: DC Comics announced a new Wonder Woman title based on the iconic 1970s television show.  Wonder Woman ’77 will feature the Linda Carter version of the character and will be set in the 1970s just like the television show. The comic is following in the successful footsteps of DC’s Batman ’66 comic which brought the campy Adam West version of Batman back to comic fans to critical and financial success.

Wonder Woman ’77 will be released as weekly digital chapters starting in December before being collected into physical comics that will hit the shelves “early in 2015” according to DC.  The series will be written by Mark Andreyko with covers provided by Nicola Scott. A rotating cast of artists will provide interiors.

"Silk" #1 -- Stacey Lee variant cover
“Silk” #1 — Stacey Lee variant cover


Earlier this year, it was revealed that a classmate  of Peter Parker was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave him powers. Cindy Moon was also granted spider powers, but was hidden away in a secret compound to both protect her from the evil spider-slaying bad buy “Morlun.” She is faster than Spider-Man. She has a more sensitive”Spider-Sense” and she shoots organic webbing. Recently freed by Peter, she teamed up with him to fight Electro and Black Cat, and began a long quest to find her missing family.

Marvel announced that Silk will team up with the original Spider-Woman in the first three issues of the new Spider-Woman series that will launch in November. More importantly, they announced a new Silk ongoing series starting in February 2015 from writer Robbie Thompson and artist Stacey Lee — increasing the current number of spider-powered women with their own comics at Marvel by one…

"Spider-Gwen" #1
“Spider-Gwen” #1


…Did we say one? We meant two. Last month we were introduced to an alternate world where a radioactive spider bit longtime Peter Parker love interest Gwen Stacy who became the heroic “Spider-Woman.” Gwen also rocked out as a member of the all-girl band “The Mary Janes,” and sported one of the coolest costumes we’ve ever seen. Fan reaction was extremely positive and the issue where she appeared sold out almost instantly.  Marvel may not have had plans for the character past the upcoming “Spiderverse” event — it’s fairly obvious they thought “Silk” was going to be their breakout star — but they know a hit when they see one.

An ongoing Spider-Gwen series by the original creative team of writer Jason LaTour and artist Robbie Rodriguez was also announced at NYCC, proving that sometimes when fans speak, companies do listen.

"Gamora" #1
“Gamora” #1


Nicole Perlman was the writer who took the little-known comic book Guardians of the Galaxy and turned it into a script for one of the best comic book movies ever made. In the spring of 2015, she is helping Marvel launch Gamora, a comic-book series chronicling the solo exploits of “the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.” No artist has been announced for the series yet, but this marks yet another female-centered comic from Marvel, which quietly appears to have declared all out war on the gender gap in comic books.

Gamora is the third character from Guardians of the Galaxy to get her own book, following The Legendary Star Lord and Rocket Racoon.  This leaves the literal-minded Drax the Destroyer  and the vocabulary-challenged Groot as the last two characters waiting for their moment to shine. For the record, we would totally buy a Groot solo book.

Women of Marvel Variant Covers

Lastly, Marvel unveiled the first two of its “Women of Marvel” variant covers that will be released in March 2015 to coincide with Women’s History Month. The series features cool covers by some of the best female artists in the business including Faith Erin Hicks, Jill Thompson, Vanesa R. Del Rey, and Sara Pichelli. A total of 20 variant covers will be produced, and hopefully this will lead to some of these talented women landing ongoing gigs at the comic-book publisher that — for the moment — seems most committed to reaching out to women.