Women of Marvel Enter the ‘Rock Candy’ Collectible Line

After a successful launch with DC’s female heroes,  Funko’s Rock Candy line of 5″ vinyl figures has expanded to include heroines from the Marvel universe. The initial Marvel lineup consists of Captain Marvel, She Hulk, Spider-Gwen and Thor — with a hooded Spider-Gwen variant exclusive to Hot Topic and a glow-in-the-dark She Hulk that can only be found at Walmart.

The Marvel Rock Candy line up will hit retailers in December. I know what I want in my stocking…

Preview: Spider-Women Take Center Stage in New Marvel Event

Spider-Woman, Silk and Spider-Gwen are teaming up this April in Spider-Women Alpha, an 8-issue miniseries from Marvel. Co-written by Jason Latour, Dennis Hopeless and Robbie Thompson, with art by Vanesa Del Rey, Bengal, Javier Rodriguez, Tana Ford and more.

The story sees Silk and Spider-Woman trapped on Gwen’s alternate Earth and hunted by the diabolical S.I.L.K. organization who wants to exploit the women for their own gain. Now all three women must team up to stop S.I.L.K. and get Jessica and Cindy home. And speaking of Silk, what happens when she meets the Cindy Moon of Gwen’s Earth-65?

Spider-Women Alpha #1 hits shelves on April 6, 2016.