Time to Be a Hero

I have tried (imperfectly) to remain non-partisan on this site, because I truly believe there are good people from across the political spectrum and that we can unite for a common cause we believe in without allowing our differences to divide us.

But at some point, we are no longer discussing Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal — we are discussing right and wrong.

While the primary focus of Heroic Girls has always been gender equality, we also believe in equal treatment of people of all creeds, races, sexual orientation and national origins.

It is through this lens that we have viewed the events unfolding here in the United States in the past week or so. And I no longer feel I can remain silent on an issue that is so important. Silence is complicity.

The attempt to ban people from entering the United States based on their Muslim faith and to deny haven to refugees fleeing from war and death is morally reprehensible and against the very precepts this country was founded on. I do not view this as a partisan issue anymore than I view the fight for gender equality as a partisan issue.

What use is it to promote the idea of the heroic ideal if we are unwilling to stand up for what is good and right when the world has gone horribly wrong? And make no mistake, this attempt to  target people based on their religious beliefs is wrong.

I am sorry if this ends up politicizing a forum that I did not mean to politicize. But I cannot be silent anymore. This xenophobic madness must end.

Thank you.

John Marcotte
Heroic Girls

art via Maryne Lahaye
art via Maryne Lahaye

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