Leaked Set Photo of Chris Pine Reveals Fun Detail about Upcoming “Wonder Woman”

Chris Pine and Said Taghmaoui on the set of Wonder Woman
Chris Pine and Said Taghmaoui on the set of Wonder Woman

French-Moroccan actor Said Taghmaoui is really excited to be cast in the new Wonder Woman movie. That’s probably why he posted this photo of himself hanging out with Chris Pine on set to his Instagram account.

The movie is still under tight wraps, and they hadn’t even announced that they were filming yet. But we can see a trailer in the background labeled “Nightingale,” which is Wonder Woman‘s working title. Studio brass likely noticed the photo, and it was quickly removed — but not before we grabbed  copy.

So what can we learn from a single photo of two actors working on the film? Something pretty cool, actually. Wonder Woman will be — at least partially — a period piece, likely set in World War II. Both actors are in period dress, and Wonder Woman’s original comic book origins start with World War II pilot Steve Trevor crashing on Paradise Island.

Wonder Woman was also either made from clay or descended from the gods, depending on which origin story you follow, so we’re guessing Warner Bros. is extrapolating that to mean she is immortal — allowing her to have adventures in World War II, and then again in the modern era with Batman and Superman.

Does changing the setting of the movie to the past make the project more or less interesting to audiences? I guess we’ll find out on June 23, 2017, when the movie is released.

via Batman News