South Asian Wonder Woman Is the Greatest Thing You Will See Today

Deepica Mutyala as Wonder Woman
Deepica Mutyala as Wonder Woman

Beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala reinvents the character as an Indian princess.

One of the great things about comics is seeing the same characters reinterpreted throughout the ages by different writers, different artists and different cultures.

This week, beauty vlogger and Today Show contributor Deepica Mutyala gave us an incredible reinterpretation of Wonder Woman as seen through a Desi lens.

While the character is instantly recognizable as the Amazon princess, almost every aspect of her costume has been given a South Asian touch.

Gone is the traditional tiara, replaced with an ornate maang tikka inset with beautiful rubies. Gone are the bracers, exchanged for a plethora of embellished bangles and bracelets. An embroidered sheer sari replaces Diana’s cloak and acts as a cape. Intricate henna designs are inked on the back of each hand.

The completed look makes us yearn for a “Elseworld” comic where Themyscira is located in the Bay of Bengal instead of off the coast of Greece.

Two years ago, Muyala told a friend she was dressing as a Disney Princess for Halloween and her friend automatically assumed she would dress as Jasmine.

Deepica Mutyala as Wonder Woman
Deepica Mutyala as Wonder Woman

“In my head, it bothered me that she assumed I’d be Jasmine because of what I looked like on the outside,” Mutyala said. “It took me back to my childhood,” she added. “I always wanted to be Posh Spice but I was always told to be Scary…I was always Lisa Turtle, not Kelly Kapowski. Later on, I tried to dye my hair blond and get colored contacts because I always had to fit in. I want to tell girls that you should stand out.”

So she made a video showing her interpretations of three Disney Princesses (and a Prince), and launched the hashtag #BeYourOwnPrincess.

This year she asked fans on Instagram what she should be for Halloween and her fans settled on “super hero.” So #beyourownhero was launched.

“It was perfect because I was super inspired by the film Wonder Woman that came out earlier this year and everything her character stands for in it. She is strong, fierce and brave,” said Mutyala .

“The larger picture was to get a point across that you can be whoever you want for Halloween and not feel any limits,” she added.

“Be Your Own Hero was made for my followers but also for personal healing and a reminder to myself. Everyone has a little Wonder Woman in them – use that to create what works for YOU!”