The Princess Problem

Our good friends at Women You Should Know put together this nice little interview with political cartoonist/illustrator David Trumble who partnered with Dr. Rebecca Hains, the author of the book The Princess Problem.

“I figured if I could sum up what was wrong with the face of girls’ marketing today in one succinctly satirized image, it might make it easier for us to admit how we fail. And sometimes the best way to reveal something is to provide a fresh look at what’s already right in front of our eyes.

The Princess Problem is certainly a complex issue, but thankfully we don’t have to look too far to see it; It’s right in front of us on every shelf, emblazoned in sparkly, hermetically sealed, perfect pink packaging. A litany of stereotypes defining the standards of how girls are supposed to look and behave, with a startling lack of racial diversity to boot. And we can’t look away, because it’s the whole aisle.

–David Trumble

Mixing illustration, photography and ideas, Trumble created a striking image that manages to convey The Princess Problem in a single glance.

The Princess Problem
The Princess Problem

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