Now She Wants to Be Black Canary


my 4 year old anya is quite in to super heroes. specifically female super heroes. john likes to watch justice league with her and she latches on to the female characters – no matter how small a role they play.
last halloween she wanted to be wonder woman (actually, “princess wonder woman” were her exact words.) of course, i had to ask “where will we find a princess wonder woman costume?” “mom, we have to go to the store with the big ‘W’ on the front. they will have everything we need for princess wonder woman.” she replied. (i will remind you at this point she is still 3. as if to say, “duh, mom. they have a store for this stuff.”)

so we found a traditional wonder woman costume and a wig and she was happy.

wwanya3_resize wwanya2_resize

today on the way to the grocery store anya said “mommy, can i be black canary for halloween?” “sure! where do you think we will find that costume?” (no, i didn’t learn my lesson from the first time i asked that question.) this time, she wasn’t as certain of the where-abouts of a black canary costume. “i think we’ll just have to go to target to look for one, mommy.”

the beauty of all this is that she has balance. not only does she love the strong, fighting-for-your-rights women, but she also loves princesses. i think that’s a great combination.