New Member of the Powerpuff Girls Will Be Black

Townsville can sleep a bit better at night now knowing that it has not a trio protecting it, but now a quartet, in the new Powerpuff Girls five-part special event, “The Power of Four”.

South African musician Toya Delazy confirmed rumors last week by announcing that she will be voicing the newest member of the crime-fighting squad. Though the character has yet to be named, Black culture website Afropunk, shared a leaked photo of all four girls together.

“I have always dreamed of being the voice of a cartoon character. Never did I think I would be recording a voice-over as the new Powerpuff Girl for Cartoon Network, though!” Delazy said in a statement to Animation Magazine. “In a nutshell, Cartoon Network was my childhood. The shows were always quirky, expressive, creative and cool! I have always appreciated how creative the channel is, even to this day.”

This isn’t Delazy’s first taste of the Powerpuff Girl world. Previously, she’d worked with Turner to create a theme song for Powerpuff Girls specifically for the African market.

The Powerpuff Girls “The Power of Four” and the big reveal of our newest crimefighter is set for September 17, 2017 on Cartoon Network at 5:30 p.m.