The Power Puff Girls Reboot Gets a New Theme Song and First Clip

Fan-favorite cartoon The Powerpuff Girls is set to return to Cartoon Network in April, and the teasers designed to get audiences excited by Townsville’s cutest heroes has already begun. First Cartoon Network released the new theme song, a grungy remix of the original theme by punk-pop band Tacocat (above).

They followed this with the first clip from the new show, which shows what happens when a villain patronizingly calls Buttercup “princess” (below). Bad things happen. Bad things.

The cartoon looks like it will closely mimic the look of the original show, and although they cast new vocal talent, the cast does their best to sound just like the original. Amanda Leighton voices Blossom, Kristen Li is Bubbles and Natalie Palamides is Buttercup

The Powerpuff Girls reboot premieres on Cartoon Network in April.