Statue Reveals More Colorful Costume for Batman vs. Superman’s Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

When the first pictures of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from Batman vs. Superman surfaced, people were pretty excited. She was armored, armed and looked every bit the warrior princess that we knew from the comics.

Wonder Woman
“Gritty” Wonder Woman

However, one aspect of the character that was universally panned was her drab, dark and dreary costume. Apparently, the brightly colored aspirational figure from the comics had been sacrificed to further the Batman-esque “gritty realism” that is permeating all of Warner Bros. DC movie adaptions.

But Yahoo Movies has given fans new hope by unveiling a colorful new statue of Wonder Woman from DC Collectibles. From Yahoo Movies:

The 13-inch resin statue, by James Marsano, features the updated costume — with new-look tiara, armor styling, sword, shield, bullet-deflecting bracelets, and her trademark golden lariat — and will be available for $150 in March, pegged to the film’s March 26 release.