Women Are Recreating an Iconic Wonder Woman Scene via #WWGotYourBack

Can you hold a sword on your back while walking and dancing in a fancy dress? The Internet demands answers.

Gal Gadot weaving through a room of enemy soldiers in a slinky blue dress with the God Killer sword nestled between her shoulder blades was one of the most striking visuals from both the Wonder Woman trailer and the movie itself. But is that really possible? Could you carry a sword in a form fitting dress? Facebook user Eva Wei decided the only way to find out was to try it — for science.

Eva Wei
Eva Wei

So, Anna-Karin asked if the sword in dress-scene from Wonder Woman was plausible. I promised to give it a serious try, so I took my regenyei onehander and shoved it down my sheer chiffon dress. It worked.. surprisingly well. The sword sits pretty decent and I can walk and dance in it without that much of a fuss. I also think it could be drawable if it was just 10 cm shorter (which I estimate WW’s sword to be) so that also kind of works. So the verdict is that the scene is actually surprisingly plausible.

But like all science, the results are not valid unless they are reproducible. So the hashtag #WWGotYourBack was born. Dozens of photos of women in dresses with swords tucked in the small of their backs are now flooding Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and beyond. We’ve picked a few of our favorites below.



Some women didn’t have a sword (for shame!) … so they  improvised.