Marvel Introduces New Quasar

Amidst the chaos of Avengers: Standoff!, a variety of heroes have stepped up to defend what innocence the community of Pleasant Hill still possesses. In AVENGERS: STANDOFF! ASSAULT ON PLEASANT HILL OMEGA—available now—writer Nick Spencer along with artists Daniel Acuna and Angel Unzueta add a new champion for good to the mix with a name fans will recognize.


We corralled Spencer for a quick chat about the latest Quasar and what lies in store for her fledgling heroic career! How do the events of Standoff! lead to a new Quasar?

Nick Spencer: Avril Kincaid is a high-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent stationed in Pleasant Hill when Baron Zemo stages his revolt. Seeing the crisis around her, she seeks out the most powerful weapon hidden in the town: the Quantum Bands. When she arrives to retrieve them, though, she’s greeted by a surprise—the owner of the bands and the original Quasar, Wendell Vaughn. He gives them to her, and from there, she uses them to help turn the tide of the battle in Standoff!. It’s a real “step up and be a hero” moment for Avril, and sets her on the path to becoming the new Quasar. What fresh point of view does this new Quasar represent?

Nick Spencer: This is something I can’t really get into yet, but yes, Avril definitely provides a fresh point of view within the Marvel Universe. That’s a big part of what has me excited about the character—she has unique perspective and her own life and background is something I hope we’ll be exploring in-depth very soon. She has quite the story. Where can we see the new Quasar next?

Nick Spencer: We have big plans ahead for Avril; she’ll be a major player in some very important upcoming stories. You can definitely keep a lookout for her in the Captain America books, but I suspect she’ll be showing up elsewhere as well…

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