Get Four Tickets to Civil War and a Summer’s Worth of Skittles for $20


Candy maker Wrigley has a deal for you. If you buy five packs of their candy, you get a $10 Fandango credit good towards a ticket to see Captain America: Civil War. Walgreen’s is upping the bargain by offering the “share size” large bags of Skittles “buy one, get one free.”

Specially Marked Packages
Specially Marked Packages

With a normal price of $1.99 per bag, that adds up to $1 per bag (when bought in even numbers.) We have four family members. We needed five bags per person. That’s 20 bags at $1 per bag, or $20 for an entire family of four to see the movie — plus we have lots of Skittles. Lots.

Make sure you only buy the packages with Captain America or Iron Man on them. Regular packages do not have the code you need. The regular size-packs are also 2 for $2, but the “Share Size” are a better deal.

There is a limit of five tickets per household, and specially marked packages of Starburst will also qualify you for tickets.

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