Kate Bishop Flies Solo in New ‘Hawkeye’ Series

Hawkeye #1 -- cover by Julian Totino Tedesco
Hawkeye #1 — cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Step aside Clint Barton! Kate Bishop is the one and only Hawkeye in the post-Civil War II landscape.

First introduced while the Clint Barton version of Hawkeye was dead in 2005 (He got better. –Ed.) Kate Bishop was the new Hawkeye who teamed up with the Young Avengers. Even more focus was put on Bishop during Matt Fraction’s superlative run on the first Hawkeye ongoing series, where she received a lot of face time and even a few storylines of her own, away from Clint Barton (See? Told you he got better. — Ed.)

Character sketch by Leonardo Romero
Character sketch by Leonardo Romero

She was partnered with Barton again in Jeff Lemire’s underappreciated follow-up Hawkeye title, but this marks the first time in her long career that Kate Bishop will be front and center, with Barton M.I.A. following his role in the traumatic events  of Civil War II.

The series picks up some of the threads from Fraction’s run, with Bishop moving back to the West Coast and becoming a private investigator in the City of Angels.The series is written by Kelly Thompson (A-Force, Jem, Captain Marvel) with art provided by Leonardo Romero (Doctor Strange, Squadron Supreme).

In an interview with io9, writer Thompson talked about her vision for the character and how she pitched the series to the higher ups at Marvel.

“When I was pitching I initially described Kate’s book as Veronica Mars with superheroes, and though a lot has changed since pitching, I think that still sums us up pretty well,” Thompson said. “Kate will be taking on P.I. cases – both her own personal mission that brought her back to L.A., and the clients she finds – but you can’t take the superhero out of Kate, nor would we want to. She’s an archer first and foremost. One of the really fun things about Kate as both archer and P.I. has been seeing the way that those skill sets naturally overlap. Being an archer makes Kate a better P.I., and being a P.I. makes Kate a better superhero.”

Read the full interview at io9.

Hawkeye #1 -- cover by Leonardo Romero and Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Hawkeye #1 — cover by Leonardo Romero and Jean-Francois Beaulieu