Dress Like a Hero, Not A Sidekick

The good news is, there are finally some superhero-themed shirts for girls at Walmart.

The bad news is, they look like this:

Batman's Wife

When we say we want more girls superhero stuff, this is exactly what we don’t mean. Let’s list the ways it is annoying.

  1. It’s boring text.
  2. It’s pink. So pink. Why is it pink? Does Batman wear pink?
  3. The subject of the shirt is not Batgirl. It’s Batman.
  4. The shirt is not encouraging girls to be heroic. It is encouraging them to “train to be a wife.” (This is in the juniors department.)
  5. Let’s face it. Batman is a borderline sociopath. He may be the hero that Gotham deserves, but he’s lousy husband material. You can do better, ladies.

This is not a shirt for Heroic Girls.

So what’s the alternative? If you can’t make it to a con, we suggest picking up the kind of swag true fans wear from an online shop like We Love Fine or Super Hero Stuff.

Like this:


Walmart, we are far past the point where you get brownie points just for having superhero merchandise for girls on the shelf. Now we are demanding that the merchandise be good.

Special thanks to The Mary Sue for bringing the Walmart Batman t-shirt to our attention.