Disney Buys Pitch for ‘Sadé,’ Their First African Princess

Disney recently acquired the rights to Sadé, a “live-action fairy tale” featuring an African princess. The story is based on an original idea by Ola Shokunbi and Lindsey Reed Palmer. Dope director Rick Famuyiwa is attached to produce, with Scott Falconer is executive producing under their ‘Verse’ production company. Shokunbi and Palmer are sharing screenwriting duties. No director is yet attached to the movie.

According to Deadline, the story “centers on a young African girl named Sadé who, when her kingdom is threatened by a mysterious evil force, accepts her newly discovered magical warrior powers to protect herself and her people. With the help of the kingdom’s prince, Sadé embarks on an adventure that will allow her to embrace what makes her special and save the kingdom.”

This is the first time an original Disney fairytale will feature a female African lead. 2009’s animated The Princess & the Frog featured the company’s first Black princess.