Exclusive New DC Super Hero Girl Dolls Swing into Walmart

DC Super Hero Girls
DC Super Hero Girls

Walmart is getting its cape on according to a post that leaked on Facebook this morning. Per the post:

Use this handy list to gear up for more products in July like the NEW action dolls exclusively at Walmart. There’s SO much to look forward to this summer.

Unfortunately, “the list” was not attached to post, so we can only speculate what might be on it, but obviously the new action figures in the photo are a good place to start.

DC Super Hero Girls was initially a small test of the market for super hero toys for girls. Mattel initially struck a deal for a limited number of dolls and action figures to be sold exclusively at Target. But demand skyrocketed, turning the dolls into a brand estimated to be worth a billion dollars or more.

With this much demand, it was only a matter of time before Target’s exclusive window would begin to shrink. These new action figures at Walmart are the first step in that direction.