Canadian Cartoonist Turns His Daughter Into An Action Figure

Ellie Doll - The Art of Dad
Ellie Doll – The Art of Dad

I recently received an email from a man in Jason Thompson, a talented man living in Alberta Canada who runs the blog The Art of Dad. Jason had heard my recent interview on Canadian radio in Calgary, and was inspired to draw a card for his daughter Ellie, who just turned 12.

He directed me to a post he had just made on his website:

The other day I heard an interview on a local radio station with John Marcotte, the founder of talking about the lack of female heroes in popular culture. He spoke about how it’s incredibly hard to find a toy of Black Widow from the Avengers, on her own, while all the male heroes have a multitude of toy options. I got thinking about that and it inspired the card I made for our daughter who just turned 12. This is what I wrote on the back of the card to her:

We live in a world that loves heroes. We wrap them up and package them for others to buy because in many ways we want to be like them, heroes standing up for what’s right. Fighting for good over evil. Having some kind of super power. Well, if I could, I’d make and wrap up millions of you and give them out to kids around the world because you embody the characteristics that so many people strive for. Honesty. Fairness. Compassion. You make us laugh. You make us proud. You possess wisdom beyond your years and a humour that bonds people together. And all that after just 12 years. Happy Birthday to the most real superhero I know.

Parenting: You’re doing it right.

Check out Jason’s blog for more amazing comics from a talented illustrator and a great father.