‘Daughters of the Dragon’ Unite in New Clip from ‘Luke Cage’

Daughters of the Dragon

The ‘Daughters of the Dragon’ have arrived.

Colleen Wing is joining season two of Luke Cage — teaming up with Misty Knight to clean up a bar full of thugs in a recently released clip.

As a team, the Daughters of the Dragon were created by Chris Claremont and Marshall Rogers in Marvel Team-Up #64 way back in December 1977. Ironically, they were given the name as an insult by Iron Fist foe Davos.

Although they were given equal billing with Spider-Man on the cover, Colleen and Misty were only in a handful of scenes in the actual comics, and quickly became supporting cast in the Power Man and Iron Fist ongoing series.

Even with limited exposure, the duo has built up a cult following over the years, and longtime fans couldn’t be more thrilled with this development. (Spin-off series, anyone? -Ed.)

All that’s missing from this scene is a robot arm — and we know it’s coming.