Barbara Gordon Confirmed as Batgirl for Batman: Arkham Knight

Batgirl - Arkham Knight
Batgirl – Arkham Knight

After a few days of speculation, it was revealed that Barbara Gordon will be Batgirl in the latest iteration of the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game franchise. Since she was announced earlier this week, fans were guessing that this Batgirl might be Cassandra Cain instead of Babs, because the promotional art lacked Barbara’s fiery red hair and Barbara has already been spotted as the wheelchair-bound Oracle in one of the trailers for the game.

It turns out that making Batgirl a brunette was a stylistic choice not driven by the comics.

While not part of the main storyline, Batgirl is available as a premium as downloadable content. Her story is a prequel, and is rumored to be inspired by “The Killing Joke,” the controversial story where the Joker shot and paralyzed Batgirl, and which led to her becoming the computer-expert Oracle.